Telephone Personal Angel Reading

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General Angel Reading

This reading is a one to one session on the telephone, to give you a general overview of your energy and what you need to know at this time. I look at your current energy and give you some information on where you are at energetically right now and some suggestions from your angels on how to move forward positively. If you wish to focus on a particular topic or question, just let me know when I email you to arrange your booking time.

With this reading, you do not need to do anything, once your reading is booked I will be sent to you within 24 hours to offer you appointment times. 

The readings I do are based on your energy and the communication between my angels and yours. To do this, I open space for them  and ask them to tell me what you need to know to move forward. 

I connect with your angels before hand for about 30 minutes before your appointment time and then phone you when I have interpreted your energy and messages (so you don't listen to 30 mins of silence haha). Then we can discuss your reading in more depth.

If you are concerned about the lack of prior contact, my readings are often even more accurate for people I haven't physically met or don't even know their names sometimes. Angels see and hear all so once I have your permission to connect I just ask them what you need to know. What I do is communicate for you, I don't need to know anything about you, I interpret what they want you to know. This is why I don't ask you for any information before hand unless you have specific questions you want to provide. 

Please note these sessions are NOT recorded.

All information and messages that I receive or any communication with you is kept completely confidential.

I aim to connect you to your angels for you to receive support, love and guidance - wishing you so much love and I look forward to chatting with you!



Any readings from Moonstone Dragonfly are not intended to replace any professional advice.

By booking a reading, you are agreeing to terms and conditions (link found at the top of the page).

All information discussed is kept completely confidential unless legally requested in a court of law. 

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