Angel Distance Healing Session

Item Description

Your Guardian Angel/Angels are with you at all times, ready and waiting to connect to you. You can speak to them at ANYTIME, you can ask for their help at ANYTIME and receive their healing and guidance at ANYTIME. I am here to support you to do that.  During these healing sessions, I use your permission, angel connection and colour therapy to channel your angels' healing energy to you. 

The session lasts for 45 minutes.

I am a certified practitioner in crystal healing, angel healing and a Reiki Master. 

Once ordered, I contact you via email to arrange a suitable appointment time. 

At the time of your appointment, you need to be in a comfortable room, undisturbed and away from distractions. 15 minutes before your appointment time I will contact you via email or text message to confirm you are ready. 

During your session, all you need to do is relax!  

Some people feel the healing on a physical level during the session, some emotionally or some just feel incredibly relaxed. 

After your session please drink plenty of water to rehydrate. I will contact you the following day to see how you got on, unless I hear from you first. I don't like to disturb you after your session, as many people go to sleep afterwards or continue to enjoy the level of relaxation. However, you are free to contact me afterwards if you feel ready to.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions before booking! Otherwise, you will hear from me once you have ordered your session!

Much love



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