About Me


What is Moonstone Dragonfly?

Moonstone Dragonfly is a place to go for support, guidance and healing. It is purely to serve you and your spiritual needs. I am lucky enough to have created this company to support you in connecting with your angels and universal energy. We often underestimate the support and guidance we are born with, so my mission is to unite as many people with their angels as I can and encourage you to utilise the unconditional love and support that is waiting there for you. 

What about me?

I am a certified Spiritual Counsellor, Angel and Crystal Healer and Jewellery Designer. I am currently studying a Masters in Psychology to support and enhance my counselling/guidance work. I love what I do and chose to do this full time so I can reach and help more people. I offer a range of items in my store to support and heal, including jewellery, crystals, holistic hampers and tools to support your path. My services are here for you, no matter where you are! There is always a way!

At home I live with my partner and we have a beautiful little boy, three dogs and now my son has a guinea pig too lol. Our little family is here in Dover in the UK. As an animal/nature lover, solitary witch and crystal lover, I am so grateful to be near the sea and use what the Universe gave us at every opportunity. 

I hope this helps you to know a little bit about me!

Feel free to contact me any time:

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One of the biggest blessings since developing my work, is the friends I have made along the way, connections from all around the world. I am grateful for every single one of you.

Much love to you,