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AT LAST - My New Beginning...

The next stage on my journey is so exciting! I have been really looking forward to sharing this with you! My idea to merge SO Curious Designs and Souls Karma and create Moonstone Dragonfly has been one of my best decisions so far! (Plus it will be a lot less confusing for us all lol.)

So I thought I’d do a quick blog post for you all to update you on the new site and my progress along the way…


Make Different Your Norm!

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What I know (so far) about being different…

Going into business with what was once your hobby is, at the very least, confusing. Your skills become secondary and you are bombarded with the rights and wrongs of the business world! For example, you must find your niche market, you must find your target audience and you must find your STYLE! My style??? What the…? But I pride my work on being different, being curious? I follow my heart not the crowd? Oh dear.

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