Rose Quartz - Why bother? A guide to applying the uses in your REAL LIFE!

Rose Quartz

Commonly referred to as the stone of love, Rose Quartz is definitely the go to crystal for love, relationships, self-care and self-esteem. But how many of us actually know how to use it or apply it to real life? There are so many other reasons to use Rose Quartz – it even gets rid of the black bags under your eyes! Trust me, I made my sister try it and it WORKS! So let’s look at the uses and reasons WHY, then we can take a look at how best to apply it in your life so you can get RESULTS…


So Rose Quartz is used to build on:



attract a partner

support you to love yourself more

soothing pain mentally and physically

But it also has another more important use (in my humble opinion!). Gratitude. Seriously! This stone is the bees knees for building a grateful attitude and using the law of attraction to turn a bad time around and get out of a rut. I realised recently just how powerful this really is.

After discussing with others who have had a similar experience with her Rose Quartz, I decided it is time to write this and make sure you are making the most of this soothing and pretty stone! It allows you to become a naturally grateful person, which in turn means you subconsciously turn any negative energy into positive, therefore attracting further positive energy. You are opening up space in your acceptance and outlook for the Universe to show you what else it has to offer - and the cycle begins!


Well, there are many ways to use crystals but sometimes different ways will work better for different outcomes. My suggestion to beginners is often to use your crystal like a fidget spinner, a stress ball or something like that haha. Any way to increase the energy connection will improve the impact. So even if you were sat reading or relaxing, then it is a good time to hold your crystal. Once you are used to this, you can improve that connection by setting aside time to focus on your crystal and your thoughts around whatever your reason for using it is (you don’t always need a specific reason – if you don’t, that’s fine to!). With time those thoughts will become second nature and automatic without having your crystal with you. For example, using Rose Quartz to become more grateful and positive, I had it in my hand during quiet times like reading with my son at night, working, reading and meditation. I made sure that my thoughts were geared towards gratitude and the outcomes I wanted. It took less than two weeks for me to realise that there was a massive change in my mind-set. I felt better. I then moved onto my next personal goal. So for you, it may be love issues, self-esteem or confidence. So during those times make sure your thoughts are centred around those feelings and what you want the outcome to be. For example, imagine yourself in situations where you are loved, contacted by a someone you like, respected, you are confident and being your true self. This is what people mean when they say you need to set intentions or charge your crystal, but call it what you will haha.


So, I guess what I am saying to you is that you can have all the crystals in the world, but if you don’t build a connection with them or use” them, then they are just an added beautiful edition to your environment! Which of course is also good (the energy they produce will always be a benefit), but if you have them there, then you may as well work with them to their full potential?

Other crystals work well just placed in a room, worn as jewellery, above a doorway, bedside etc but for some specific uses, you need to put the time and effort in.

Hope this helps someone…

Got a crystal and you don’t know what it is? Not sure how to use it or what it’s for? Get in touch for a chat and I will see if I can help you! Above all, enjoy your crystals!

Much love