New Beginnings – Making that change?


I was prompted to write this blog post after releasing my new collection and a number of you have asked me where the idea came from. So, I thought this would be a good opportunity to chat with you about the origin of ‘Fly Free’ as a collection, the New Beginning necklace, fate, destiny and our soul journey. For some, this may not be your ‘cup of tea’ and that is perfectly ok. All I ask is that you respect my outlook and I will do the same for you. So, that being said…

Heard this recently? Better the devil you know, if it’s not broke don’t fix it etc.

Sound familiar? Yeah me too! Same is safe. Same is easy. Until a new chapter in your life starts!

Recently, I have had to adjust to some inner truths, personal realisations and some synchronicity that has left me wondering what the future holds, but knowing I HAVE to accept some big changes. To me, change feels like danger. It can feel like I have no control over what happens next and therefore it will go wrong. The unknown is not something I enjoy.

For so many of us, change is terrifying. But sometimes change is out of our control. Sometimes the Universe decides ‘it’s time’. Time to change, time for a fresh start, a new beginning. This is where I am at on my personal journey.

So then what? Do we panic, do we resist? Or do we buckle up and hold on for the ride?! Well after much deep thinking and spiritual awakening, this I my approach…

The only way to move forward when you feel like a rabbit in the headlights is to TRUST, trust in fate, trust in karma and, most importantly, trust in YOU.

Sometimes we cannot see how something will work out, we want something that seems unobtainable or unrealistic. But when the Universe aligns for you, when the stars and planets set your future in motion, you must know that there is not much we can do about it. We have free will to make our own decisions but often those decisions will reappear and reappear until you choose the change, the choice that is for your highest good.

So if this resonates with you at all, then please read this and know that you are not alone. Sometimes we just have to let go and know that there are forms of happiness out there that we know nothing about. We may be holding ourselves back from a future that we cannot even imagine, based on our own ideas of what we think we want. Someone asked me recently what happiness looks like to me…I don’t know the answer. But I intend on finding out!

Choose that ‘new beginning’. Because, a small change will have the butterfly effect, the ball will start rolling and you will see a new pathway open up for you in a way you could never have predicted. I firmly believe that we all have a purpose here, a reason to move forward and a life journey that impacts on everyone we meet.

When you are open to signs and ask for help from whatever guidance you believe and trust in, answers will appear. For me, angel guidance and intuition has been key to my decisions through life. It has taken many months to get to this point and I still have a way to go, but I will. I will fulfil my soul purpose. People will drop off along the way and some new people will enter my life, but whatever happens I know I am supported. This realisation, as well as my love of angels and crystal healing, was the driving force for my new collection ‘Flying Free’ and the big chances I am currently going through inspired me to create something that can provide comfort to us all whilst we march forward into our new beginning.

So my lovelies, I hope that you can find comfort in my New Beginnings Necklace and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts, experiences and feedback.

Much love to you

Sharley  xx