Make Different Your Norm!

What I know (so far) about being different…

Going into business with what was once your hobby is, at the very least, confusing. Your skills become secondary and you are bombarded with the rights and wrongs of the business world! For example, you must find your niche market, you must find your target audience and you must find your STYLE! My style??? What the…? But I pride my work on being different, being curious? I follow my heart not the crowd? Oh dear.

So, consequently, I have spent a lot of time (wasted time) trying to find my "style", trying to find my "niche", trying to find my "target audience" and the up-shot of that is … I don't have a "style", I don't have a "niche" and I don't have a "target audience"!

My pieces come under too many different categories to compartmentalise the way a seller should. Last week I made a pendant with botanical influence, then a bangle using clock parts, a necklace for Xmas using thorns and black berries, so what am I? Hippie? Goth? Steampunk? For goodness sake… where does my jewellery made from old forks fit??? Or the broken vintage jewellery made into dainty necklaces? Now I am curious to know how I can use DNA to make magical pieces. Let’s face it my lovelies, I DON’T FIT.

After coming to that conclusion (and doubting myself for a whole two minutes), I decided that what I do have is PASSION! And that, my lovely friends, is where I like to focus my efforts: Being passionate about beautiful and interesting things. Then offering them up to you… Not worrying about Facebook likes, Instagram followers or how many hits my site gets. I aim my work at like-minded people, people who won’t be found through endless posts and promotional emails. There is no passion in mass production. There is no passion in seasonal fashion. There is no passion in bulk buys. You get my point…

Look around you… can be found in the smallest little bead, the tiniest shell or a broken piece of metal. It is there, I promise you, you just have to look.

Yesterday I saw the most beautiful girl I have seen in a long time, her hair was blue and purple, she had a crystal nose stud and a lovely long black coat on. She had no make-up on except for a dark lipstick. I thought she was stunning. But something in my heart told me she doesn’t think so. She walked with her head low and her shoulders stooped. I could see she had the bravery to be different but lacked the passion to flaunt it. Why?

Similarly, at a local festival last summer, I saw a lady wearing the most outrageous outfit I have EVER seen! She had every colour, every “style”, she had every sparkly, pretty, flowery thing you can imagine…all on her head! I loved it and oh my lord she was ROCKING IT! She danced, flaunted, laughed and sang her beautiful heart out. It was uplifting to be around her.

Being different is a compliment, it is a positive affirmation, something to aspire to and something to be proud of. Celebrate it! Please … just celebrate it.  

If something is beautiful to you or you find something intriguing, embrace it, wear it, show it and be proud of your differences! To quote myself, “I DON’T FIT” and I love it!

Tell me…what makes you different?

Much Love to you, Sharley x