AT LAST - My New Beginning...

The next stage on my journey is so exciting! I have been really looking forward to sharing this with you! My idea to merge SO Curious Designs and Souls Karma and create Moonstone Dragonfly has been one of my best decisions so far! (Plus it will be a lot less confusing for us all lol.)

So I thought I’d do a quick blog post for you all to update you on the new site and my progress along the way…


Our spiritual compasses are all individual and may take us all in different directions, but we are all in this world together and can travel on our journeys side by side, learning from each other along the way. Many of you, who have followed my journey in the last couple of years will have seen my business progress and change as my confidence and identity has grown. The support has been appreciated and empowering.

So, now I am ready to start a new path and build upon what I have learnt so far. Sometimes it is difficult to show the world who you truly are but believe me, when you do, you will not look back. It feels like a freedom that I cannot explain. Many things can hold us back from reflecting our souls to the world; fear of rejection, ridicule or consequence, but one of the biggest reasons is our lack of confidence in our own convictions. If you really trust who you are, love yourself and believe in the greater good, then nothing should stop you from being YOU, being true to YOU and allowing the world to see YOU. So I hope my journey, as I grow this business and work towards my soul purpose, will encourage others to do the same WHATEVER it is you choose to do.

I created this shop to offer many of the things that can support your soul journey and your time on this earth. Offering you peace, healing, love and beauty, I have gathered together a collection of crystals, stone and spiritual goodies that I hope you will find inspiring, healing or exciting.  

My first love is creating, so the jewellery is designed and handcrafted by me in my workshop. Many pieces are made using resin to provide something beautiful captured forever in a glass-like appearance. My inspiration is usually drawn from nature and the energetic world around us, for example, real flowers, foliage, crystals and stones. I also love to repurpose vintage and antique jewellery to give it a beautiful new lease of life and a new home.

So what next? Anyone who knows me personally will know that there is always a ‘what next?’…

We are all guided by different stars and for me I find myself very drawn to angels and their loving support and direction. Although that is probably a whole other blog post, I thought it important to share with you as you may see that passion threaded through this website. One of my aims for the future is to add intuitive angel readings to the services I offer, for those that may need or want them. I currently do these readings to anyone who feels they need one for free and will continue to do so until my customer base begins to grow. (If this is something that might interest you, feel free to get in touch xx)

One of the biggest blessings since developing my work and growing my business, is the friends I have made along the way, connections from all around the world. I am grateful for every single one of you.

Much love to you