Do you know what you want? Then ask for it!

Why do some of us feel guilty for wanting more?


We only get this life once, many believe we will be back to do it all again if we don’t get it right this time. Well either way, you still only get this one ONCE. So why not have everything you want during this journey.

Many of us (including myself) have been brought up to feel bad for wanting more. We work hard but feel selfish for putting your wants and needs before others. Why? I am not actually sure on the answer to this. But I have a few theories. The easiest one to explain is social conditioning. While growing up we are told to be grateful, not to ask for much or to sound greedy and for many of us, NOT TO ASK FOR HELP. But as long as we are grateful for what we receive, then what is the problem? The problem is other’s view of us and the fear that asking for help is a form of WEAKNESS. Our peers may have the same social conditioning and expect you to be happy with what you have and view you as pretentious. Well sod that my beautiful people!!

Now is the perfect time to discuss THE RULE OF THREE…

The Rule of Three is a concept, belief or idea that sits perfectly me for me. Spiritually, it helps us to live in harmony and grace (treating others as we wish to be treated), but from a human brain perspective it is also a simple exchange! A way to live where people attract what they deserve. So quite simply, what you give out in this lifetime will be returned to you TIMES 3, threefold, three times what you give out! THREE. Not bad odds don’t you think?

Sometimes it feels like we do for others, help others, support others, do kind things for OTHERS with nothing in return. Well listen to this, it took me a while to understand the truth in this concept. So…you help Grumpy Mr Smith down the road when he struggle with his bins every week. That is really kind of you. Does he return the kindness? No, actually Grumpy Mr Smith is actually a grumpy arsewipe who will NEVER be kind to anyone else because he is bitter and twisted that his wife left him for an even older grumpy buttwipe. SO HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW… the law of three applies to the universe, not Mr Smith. So you help Grumpy bumwipe and the universe feels this positive energy and rewards you x 3 three. Now this could be in many forms, kindness from others, rewarding conversations, luck in the sense of finance or love, or could be opportunities that come your way. Call it a form of karma if you will.

Green aventurine is a perfect stone to support you with this thinking and will encourage you to attract the abundance you need and want.

Abundance means different things to different people at different times. For example, someone alone may be looking for an abundance of friendships and love, others may be ready to attract a higher financial wealth, or an improvement in physical health. Whatever it is that you desire to improve your happiness, experiences or outcomes, you must ask for it!

 This charm necklace is to help you remain positive and expectant in order to attract the abundance you want or need and remind you of the RULE OF THREE. What you give out on this journey will be returned to you threefold. So be mindful and give out what you want to receive. 

You may already use this method on your journey but need a reassuring reminder of the possibilities you hold within you. When you open your mind to what can be received and begin to expect abundance in many forms, you will automatically begin to attract it. Try it and see... 

I look forward to hearing how this particular piece has helped you. I also wish you all the best on your soul journey. Embrace your future and don't be afraid to ask. This is YOUR journey so decide what you want along the way. You deserve it.

DISCLAIMER – Grumpy Mr Smith may not be a total bumwipe and may just give that impression because he is lonely, poorly or too proud to ask for help. BUT he could also just be a grumpy old man, so give him the benefit of the doubt. I am not advocating the stereotyping of grumpy old buttwipes. Thank you.

Much love to you as always,

Sharley xx