CORONA VIRUS - Moonstone Dragonfly's Take On The Impact Mar 2020

WHAT IS HAPPENING? My take on current events…

Wow – who would have thought that we would be in lockdown, self-isolating and keeping 2 metres away from our loved ones? We are navigating through uncertain times and questioning everything we know and rely on.

Positive and negative experiences will and are already happening around us. We have the most amazing human beings out on the frontline, those making sure we have food and essentials, our postal workers keeping the country going and the many, many health professionals and support staff putting themselves at risk for US every single day. To be grateful is an understatement…Then on the other side of the coin we have the toilet roll stashers, the milk wasters, the hoarders who don’t even like bloody pasta! Yes we must make sure we have what we need, but do you REALLY need all those things in your trolley? I know many who have bought toilet roll EVERY SINGLE day ‘just in case’, with no thought for the families who can’t afford to do that or the ones who can’t leave the house and are relying on delivery – OUT OF STOCK, NO SLOTS, TOO LATE…makes my heart hurt.

This is a time of testing and clarity. When all this is over we will see where ours and, more importantly, others’ priorities lie. We will see who thinks about you, cares about you and ultimately who you care about most. Yes we must look after ourselves, yes we must isolate…but there is nothing wrong with the phone connections that I am aware of? So who checks on you? Who asks if you are ok or need a chat? Time will tell my beautiful souls.

We will have spent forced time together that we may not normally have experienced. For many, this will be a pleasant experience, for others who may experience abuse or loneliness, not so much fun.

Those that have stock piled (unnecessarily), thought only of themselves, put others at risk by selfish acts and ignored the rules and guidance will be showing their true nature for all to see. I for one have seen exactly who is out for themselves at all costs and those that think rationally of others whilst keeping themselves safe. Interesting times…

 On the subject of karma… mmm some will see it in this lifetime, especially those who have had little respect for workers on the front line, taken advantage of people’s fear and the worst of the worst have set up scams to con the vulnerable. These people will be completely exposed when all is said and done. Particularly those big franchises who would happily endanger others whilst not giving two shits about their staff (no names mentioned ‘spoons!), will reap the rewards when life returns to some sort of normality. Who wants to use a restaurant that doesn’t care whether you live or die? No …me neither!

Social media has been a blessing and a curse so far! I feel I can reach out to my followers on IG and FB which has been fantastic. That way I feel I can still be of use in such a difficult time. However, I have had to limit myself to posting and going, messaging and going or I’d GO INSANE! Be mindful of what you share and particularly what you absorb during this time. I have NEVER known myself to be so effected by the internet right now - is anyone else experiencing this??

After having my little rant, if you take anything away from this, please, please know that we will emerge part of a very different community. Most of us (those reading this for example lol) will be changed, changed in ways that I don’t have the right words for. Let’s use this time to reflect on, strengthen and build on our relationships and personal ethics.

I wish you so much love and pray every day that you will stay safe and well.

Always here