August 2019

You are stuck with make the best of it!


Do you ever get asked - What do you like about yourself?

All too often we respond with “I don’t know” and then, when pushed, we respond with a physical trait, such as our eyes! Sound familiar?

So what if I ask you what you like about yourself as a soul? As a personality?

It is not a question I like being asked either way – BUT a valid one, and one that can help you to work on yourself as a person.

Amethyst - My Approach

Amethyst Crystal Healing – My experiences

Welcome! For those of you that know about me already – WELCOME BACK, for those of you that have just found me, Hello and a sincere welcome, it is great to have you here! My name is Sharley, the founder of SO Curious Designs and Souls Karma. I have a passion for all things spiritual and beautiful, but my main love is crystals and the incredible influence they can have upon us in our day to day lives.

Do you know what you want? Then ask for it!

Why do some of us feel guilty for wanting more?


We only get this life once, many believe we will be back to do it all again if we don’t get it right this time. Well either way, you still only get this one ONCE. So why not have everything you want during this journey.